Your Child Is Ready For The Best Gift Of Childhood- Emotional Security

Your little bundle of joy is touching the all-important age of 5+. This age is the foundation of a beautiful mind and body. An emotionally secure childhood is one of the best things you can gift your child. This is the age when a child slowly starts moving away from your shadow and explores the new world around him. Emotionally, this is a critical stage as the bond that the child creates is everlasting. Thus, it is imperative for you to give your little one an environment that is wrapped in an enduring sense of security.

What you need to know 

Making your kid into an emotionally secure person is not easy, and so there are a few things that you must say and do repeatedly. Tell the little angel how much you love and care for him. An overdose of love is never harmful for kids. A sense of security also means that the kid is accepted well by others. A 5 year old may show signs of gross independence, a vivid imagination and at times impertinence. At a time like this, any kind of rebuke will chip away at the sense of security he feels from his parents.Your Child Is Ready For The Best Gift Of Childhood- Emotional Security

Make him carefree and reiterate that no matter what, you are always there for him. Prove your words through your actions. Do not hesitate to welcome new changes in his/her life, and handle it in a way where there is only positivity around him. This will make your tot more secure, less fussy and cordial in his behaviour.




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