Your Child is Ready For The First Step in Bathing Independently

Your child has reached the pre-school age. This is the right phase when they should be taught how to carry out a few important tasks on their own, and what better way than getting them accustomed to the habit of bathing independently?

What you need to know
As a parent, it is your responsibility to make them familiar with tasks such as eating, bathing etc so that they can learn to be independent. Bathing is important for every person to feel fresh and clean. You can teach your child by giving demonstrations so that they can develop an adaptive nature. Start with teaching the kid how to pour water using a jug. You can give them a demo and ask them to try it on their own. Your Child is Ready For The First Step in Bathing Independently

The next step should be to make your child learn how to apply soap on their body. Teach them that it is important to use soap as it kills germs and makes us rejuvenated. Ask the little one to lather every part of the body but not the eyes and mouth. Some kids are scared to bathe on their own. To remedy this you can join in with the kid so that they can observe you and learn.




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