Your Child Is Ready To Ace Creative Writing Skills

Now that your child has mastered word and sentence formation, it is time to work on their creative writing skills. You will notice that although your child is able to convey something through writing, the style of writing offers very little detail and is very monotonous. This is because your child has still not got a hang of how to write creatively to make it interesting for the readers.

What you need to know
This is one skill with which children struggle for many years and it is best to start working on it at the earliest. Some children, you may notice, write in detailed description form while other children write simple, basic sentences. The former set of children have better creative writing skills and this is because these children are able to create a visual image of what they are writing about and then put it in words.

If you want to encourage your child to use a variety of descriptive words in writing then you will have to work on your child’s vocabulary. Add new words in conversation and use them repeatedly in different contexts so that your child understands where all it can be used. When writing about an incident, ask your child to write down the feelings and view around rather than simply stating the facts. Encourage your child to use all the five senses when describing a thing or place. Even having small self-made story telling sessions with your child will expand creative thought process.Your Child Is Ready To Ace Creative Writing Skills

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