Your Child is Ready to Become More Organised Now

Your Child is Ready to Become More Organised Now
Sensory ability

Your child is very active now. While that is definitely a lovely thing, it too has its own set of downsides, to begin with which is the simple fact that she comes home, drops her play things and goes off to another activity. Your house is now always in a mess and it adds to your stress. Luckily, your child has already reached that milestone physically and mentally wherein she can contribute to being more organised in her approach.

What you need to know
Decide that you are going to be organised and involve your child in it too. Break up the task in front of you and handle it one area at a time. Make the tasks as short as possible. Assign a place for everything and learn to place everything in its place.

Do not let your work pile up. Make cleaning up a habit so that your child observes and follows suit. Remember to pick up after yourself. Discard unused things even five at a time. Give away things that can be used by others but you do not need. The fewer the goods, the easier it is to clean. A clean house is a great stress buster. You feel happier and more energetic and this is quite beneficial for your child in the long run.

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