Your Child Is Ready To Change From Baby To Table Foods

Your Child Is Ready To Change From Baby To Table Foods
Food & Nutrition

At this stage, feeding your child is a bit overwhelming. It is really straightforward when she is a baby, right? 

What you need to know: 

Things may get tricky when real food is introduced, the bottles and baby food are weaned away. When your baby turns into a toddler the eating transition can be challenging. It is all the other things that come along with this transition like when, what, and where to feed your child, when and how to feed her, how long should she sit in a high chair, etc.  

Your kid should start eating table foods around 8-9 months and should be done eating baby food by her first birthday. Of course there are exceptions to this, especially if your child has developmental delays. Each child is an individual and you should follow her lead, but often you are sticking with baby food way too long because it is easier or you are uncomfortable exposing your child to more table foods. You may think where is the harm in it? If you keep her on baby food for too long, she will refuse to eat table foods when time comes.