Your Child is Ready to Embrace Dancing as a Learning Tool of Development

Your Child is Ready to Embrace Dancing as a Learning Tool of Development
Working memory

Your bundle of joy is at a very critical learning phase! With the introduction of a formal education system she must be learning about classroom rules, discipline, homework and also participating in extra-curricular activities. Her brain is developing really fast at this time and every activity that she's involved in, is adding a new facet to her cognitive development.

What you need to know 

Dance is one such activity that plays a critical role in optimum physical and mental growth. It has been proven scientifically that music helps to build more neuron connections in the brain. This makes the brain faster in processing and retrieving information, making your child more intelligent and sharp.

When your child participates in a dance, she is not just swaying to music but is also learning how to follow instructions and understand a routine sequentially. At the same time, she's also recognising patterns, making decisions and thinking rationally in her dance practices. Planning ahead is another new concept that she will pick up in dance because while doing one step the brain is already working on remembering the next step. Music also helps to remove the stress levels involved in learning and children can easily learn many different concepts through dance.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get some dance shoes on!