Your Child is Ready to Embrace His Creative Thinking Phase

Your Child is Ready to Embrace His Creative Thinking Phase

Your child has boundless imagination at this time. Creativity is usually at its peak at this age and gradually starts to decline as your child starts conforming to the set pattern of formal schooling. It is your responsibility to give opportunities to your child to continue the creative thought pattern and 'pretend game' is a fun way to do that.

What you can do

Pretend games at this age are their natural tendency as they love to fantasize, explore and experiment. This creative drive will support overall intellectual development in all subjects. As a parent all you need to do is support her in this divergent thinking process. You will soon see your child coming up with unique solutions during the pretend play sessions. She will collate all the different things that she has learnt from different places and put them in her play. You should at this time encourage your child by suggesting activities that will make her inquire, reflect, think, wonder and come up with a unique creative idea. With pretend play the creativity and problem solving part of the brain develops and continues to grow.




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