Your Child is Ready to Engage More in Discussions and Conversations

By this time your child has already grown to a mature level with developed senses. But the need now is to improve his speech and language development skills. This is very important because if someone is not able to understand what the child speaks, it will become really difficult.

What you need to know 

Don’t stare at your child if you see him reading out his short stories loudly. He will tell you that he’s being told in the school to do so, but don’t get irritated, as this is the school’s way to improve the child’s speech and language skills. At home you can also help your child in developing such skills by encouraging him to talk in a particular language and also express his ideas.

Your Child is Ready to Engage More in Discussions and Conversations

Or you can talk about some general topic and invite his views on that. You will see that with time your child will be more fluent in his speech and his vocabulary will also become highly developed. So help him through this phase by developing better speech and language development skills.




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