Your Child is Ready to Experiment with Different Genres in Storybooks

Your Child is Ready to Experiment with Different Genres in Storybooks

Your child has been an ardent reader ever since you prompted him for the activity. ‘And then, they lived happily ever after!’ As soon as you say those words, your child’s eyes begin to gleam with excitement and they feel infinitely happy about the prospects of the character that they read about! You would be happy to know that your little one is now apt to read some more genres in storybooks!

What you need to know
Children tend to get too involved with narrated stories and reading. In fact, they should be. This allows them to develop reading habits and helps in their overall growth. But what kind of books should parents read to their children? Ideally, they should include a variety of books which offer read-aloud experience for the kids. Different genres must be selected to promote thorough reading.

For starters, you can read picture story books to the child because it helps your little one visualize different scenes and gives them the opportunity to imagine. Participation books are another great option, where your child can repeat something in the book or perform a particular action such as covering their eyes or clapping their hands and touching the feet! You can even read them patterned concept books, which have certain themes and are designed to help the kids with language learning or acquisition. Predictable books can be read as well, where kids are often asked to repeat the story or they can be involved, with the parent asking them what can happen next in the story.

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