Your Child Is Ready to Explore Creativity Through Experimenting

Your Child Is Ready to Explore Creativity Through Experimenting
Eye-Hand movement

At this stage, your child is naturally quite curious. Creativity on the other hand is a bridge to learning. When your child is creative and curious, they can come up with answers to the problems which they encounter- like how to keep their tower of blocks from falling. Creativity helps your child become a thoughtful, inquisitive, and confident learner later on, when they start school.

What you need to know

One of the most important ways that your child is tuning in to their creativity is by experimenting with art materials. As they grab that chunky crayon and get to work, you will see their art and writing change and become more controlled and complex as they grow. This is the period when young children are just figuring out that their movements result in the lines and scribbles they see on the page. These scribbles are usually the result of large movements from the shoulder, with the crayon or marker held in the child’s fist.

As children develop better control over the muscles in their hands and fingers, their scribbles begin to change and become more controlled. Your child may make repeated marks on the page, open circles, diagonal, curved, horizontal or vertical lines. Over time, children make the transition to holding the crayon or marker between their thumb and pointer finger.