Your Child Is Ready To Follow Routines !

Your Child Is Ready To Follow Routines !

At this age, you as a parent, need to make sure that your child follows his daily routine. Practice will make your child disciplined and also will make his day well coordinated.

What you need to know:

At this point, you need to state a proper day-planner so that your kid gets used to it. Include everything in the routine so that your child knows what all he needs to do everyday. As a parent you need to take care of the meal time. This is a habit which can be learnt through observations. Ask each and every member of the family to follow a precise routine. This would motivate your child to do the same. Moreover, state the exact time for playing and studying which shouldn’t be exceeded. You have to be strict in your approach or else your kid would grow careless. You have to motivate your child when he follows his routine. Boost him up when something goes wrong. You can ask him to make his own time-table and later it can be altered. 

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