Your Child is Ready to Follow Some Essential and Strict Guidelines Now

Your child has now crossed his kindergarten stage and has started with his academic schooling. This is the time he is most vulnerable to adapt to a different kind of behaviour. It is your responsibility as a mother to keep a check on your kid so that he doesn’t goes off track.

What you need to know
A bossy or a stubborn nature is bound to affect the child at this age. Make sure that your image as a parent shouldn’t get hampered during this phase. Teach the kid to follow your instructions without replying back or questioning. This can start with stating clear household rules. This would develop a sense of discipline in him.Your Child is Ready to Follow Some Essential and Strict Guidelines Now

What you need to do
The next step should be teaching the kid to pay attention when you are giving instructions. Children are distracted by games or TV shows at this age but to correct this you can follow a special approach. Place your hand on the kid’s shoulder and make eye contact when you want to give any direction. This would create a strong impact and mostly works. Never stop praising your kid when he does something good as it would boost his confidence to follow disciplined behaviour.




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