Your Child is Ready to Have More Active Experiences Now

Your Child is Ready to Have More Active Experiences Now

Your child at this stage is learning extensively from his surrondings and this is a wonderful development! To keep this going, it is essential that she gets maximum exposure to active experiences. However, there is one bug that comes in the way, and that is your child's addiction to watching T.V. So how much is really too much when it comes to it? 

What you need to know

The goal is to apply what's going on in the show to your child's everyday life, which may mean pointing out colors in the room or counting together. Of course, for many of you, TV's chief appeal is that you don't have to be there with the child. But even if you're using the tube as an electronic babysitter, you should check in regularly and be familiar with what your child is watching. To exercise greater control, some of you prefer videos and DVDs to TV programs.

Active experiences over TV shows

While there are TV shows that are indeed educational and provide good insight for your child, it is always the best to go for active experiences, that are far real than what is shown in the TV shows. This way your child has a real learning experience and that is tremendously amazing for her development.