Your Child Is Ready To Indulge In Team Sports

Your Child Is Ready To Indulge In Team Sports
Sensory ability

Your middle year child has more or less mastered gross motor skills and it is now time to start group sports. Sports are not only good to keep your child physically active but will also help your child in mastering some important social skills.
Yes, he is ready for team sports!

What you need to know
Playing a group game is not only fun and competition but it is also a learning experience. Besides learning some essential life skills, studies have shown that children who start participating in sports early in life also perform better academically.
Group sports help to build social awareness in your child. Many organised group sports require children to be part of a team. This gives them enough opportunities to interact, bond and work as a group.

Lessons learnt
Children learn how they need to cooperate, communicate and also get along with other children their age. Your child will also learn a great lesson of compromise that is much needed in later years. They would learn how to resolve conflicts amongst themselves. As they will need to work together as a team they will learn to appreciate other children’s strengths and weaknesses.

Team sports also help to overcome shyness. They learn leadership qualities and the importance of fair play. They would also understand the concept of giving everyone an opportunity and to wait for their turn. To see your child grow as a well-adjusted, successful adult, it is best to get your child enrolled in group sports at the earliest.

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