Your Child Is Ready To Learn Forming Structures

Your child has now entered that age when he has to use his brain’s ability to learn new things. He might fall vulnerable to certain situations and would seek your help. You as a mother need to be there to guide and teach him activities that help him buff up his imaginative abilities.

What you need to know 
There are a variety of materials which can be offered to the kid so that they test his mind. Teach the kid how to play with sand and clay. You have to make the child sit at one place and show him how to form various structures using sand. Start with basic figures like a cubical platform. Teach the kid how to mix water and flatten the surface. This is an interesting activity that will grab full focus of the child.  

The next step should be to offer materials like a plastic cup, bangle and an empty bottle and ask the child to form anything that he wants. Do not let the child lose his confidence, so you also take part in this activity separately. Clay is another material which can be used for this activity to form different structures.Your Child Is Ready To Learn Forming Structures

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