Your Child Is Ready To Learn From His Failures

At this impressionable age, your child can learn a lot from his failures and these lessons usually go a long way in framing your child’s personality. While it may be really difficult for you to see your little munchkin fail but in reality you would be doing a favour to your child. Your Child Is Ready To Learn From His Failures

What you need to know

Watching your child fail will make you sad, angry and frustrated but resist the temptation to step in. You might also worry about it affecting your child’s self-esteem and social development but as your child starts school he will face many situtations where he might fail. As a parent you would itch to step in and help out your child but it will actually be detrimental to your child’s development. If parents go up and fight for their child then children will stop taking responsibility for their actions.

You will be able to justify his actions. However, doing that in front of your child would give him an impression that every failure can be given an excuse and walked away from. They might think that the system has flaws so there is no need to work hard. Instead, you can tell your child to look at failures as an opportunity to change his actions, work harder and plan better next time.




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