Your Child Is Ready To Learn More About Generosity

Your Child Is Ready To Learn More About Generosity
Working memory

At this point, your angel understands quite well if not fully, the meaning of empathy as well as kindness. This stage is her transitional phase and hence, only the best must be inculcated in her mind to make it the best for the future!

It’s never too early to teach your child some good old values like generosity. Kids as young as your angel can learn the value of politeness and sharing, thereby taking their first steps to becoming kind and loving.

What you need to know

To teach your child kindness, help them learn the value of being polite in everyday interactions. Since your child watches you closely, make sure that you set a good example when interacting with others in public. For instance, be polite to the waitress and be nice to grocery clerks. Open doors for people and say words like ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ whenever needed. Children will notice these habits.

Also, donate the items that you no longer need and involve your child in this process. They might feel bad or sad, but you can reason with them and tell them their unused items will be given to someone who has nothing. Volunteering is another great way of teaching your child the value of kindness. You can volunteer at NGOs and old-age homes or even orphanages to teach your child the importance of being kind.

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