Your Child is Ready To Learn More About Measurements

At this stage, you would be seeing your child slowly thinking ethically, critically and asking questions on the same. The answers you give them help them to develop a logical way of understanding things around them. At this age of 7-8 years, your child would be introduced to fractions in school. They may find it a little difficult but over the years they will master it by the time they are 10.

What you need to know
At this age they can measure the lengths of objects with smaller measuring units like a scale and if you have shown them the measuring of their own height, they will be more interested in it. You can see that slowly they are able to grasp the meaning of different measurements like meter, kilometer. You can introduce them to measurements like grams, kgs by showing them the groceries, fruits and vegetables that you buy or those in packed format with the weight mentioned.Your Child is Ready To Learn More About Measurements

Multiplication is one more area they will be introduced to now at school. You can enhance their knowledge at home in their daily chores or while eating or playing. They start using their hands effectively for doing simple arithmetic operations as well as pen and pencil.




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