Your Child Is Ready To Learn Serving Food At The Table

Your Child Is Ready To Learn Serving Food At The Table
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Your child has entered that age when he has learnt to speak, walk and understand. He can now perform most of his activities without your assistance. This is the phase where you as a mother need to teach the kid to adapt to new ways of living. For starters, he's now ready to learn to serve food at the table.

What you need to know

You can make the child help you while setting the dining table. You can start with small tasks like asking the kid to set the glasses on the table or place the spoon and fork perfectly. Let the kid learn from you. Demonstrate the exact arrangement of utensils so that he can learn quickly.

The next step can be to teach the little one how to serve food in his plate. Show the kid how to pour things like curry or soup into a bowl. Guide him to place the food in the plate around the central region. This is a basic activity that would remain with the kid for the rest of his life. If the child makes mistakes then correct him that very moment.

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