Your Child is Ready to Learn Some Moral Values From You

Your Child is Ready to Learn Some Moral Values From You

Now your infant has grown into a sensible kid who can understand human emotions. She has started socialising with children her age and this helping her personal development.

What you need to know 

There is a great need to instill moral values in your child for these aid her in valuing people and offering a helping hand when required. It is your responsibility to help the kid grow into a kind-hearted person. Teach her to comfort people when they are sad or in any difficulty.

This lesson can be taught through practical demonstrations. You can comfort any family member with positive words if they feel low. Let the little one observe you so that she can develop such behaviour. Teach the child to help her friends when they are in need. For example- if any of her classmates gets hurt in the school then she should help them by taking them to the medical room. You can check if the kid has started picking this up by pretending that you are hurt and observe her actions.




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