Your Child is Ready To Learn Some Skills Being Home Bound!

Home is actually your child's first school, and at this stage, he is fully ready to understake some lessons, some skills, from his own home, wherein you are his first teacher! Talking and reading to your child and subsequently, encouraging conversation are critical contributions to your child’s speech and language development.

What you need to know

The extent of an almost 3 year-old’s vocabulary is directly related to how much you have spoken to your child since infancy. Teaching gestures and sign language to a child 6 months or older could also help your child in several ways. Sign language gives your little one a way to express their desires and needs when they cannot talk. Also it gives you another way to bond with your child. Using sign language does not get in the way of language development.

Your Child is Ready To Learn Some Skills Being Home Bound!

What you need to do

Start reading to your child before they are 6 months old, and continue the practice each day. Reading to your child is an invaluable learning activity for several reasons. While reading, you and your child share a comforting bond. You are both focused on the same illustration or concept. Your child can ask you questions, and you can reinforce their observations.

Reading provides opportunities for children to pick up new words that they may not normally come across in everyday conversation. Reading frequently to your child helps with their speech development, subsequent reading abilities, and school performance.

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