Your Child Is Ready To Mould Himself To Make GOOD Choices

Your child spends a lot of time outside home. While being with friends, teachers, or peers, he is faced with many challenges and has to make the right choice to avoid trouble. Here it becomes very important as parents to equip him with the skills required to handle tough decisions. Your Child Is Ready To Mould Himself To Make GOOD Choices

What you need to know

One way to help your child is to show how you make choices. Tell him the reasons why the choice was made. For instance, "The reason why we are planning to shift to a new house is because it’s close to my office and your school. This would save a lot of time and money". This way your child understands why you made the choice.

Give your child the gift of unobstructed play. Let your child think for himself about what to play with and how. These decisions will lay the foundation for independent thinking. It could be anything from playing basket ball, watching his favourite cartoon, making a list of things he wants to buy for his art project or drawing.

What you can do

Another way to foster independent thinking is to involve your kid in making small choices. For instance, get his inputs on the movie he wants to watch or the choice of restaurant over the weekend. Making these small decisions will build his confidence and gradually you can provide opportunities where he has to make tough choices.

Above all, if your child makes a wrong decision/behaviour, focus on the bad decision and not on him. Don't personally attack your child; instead help him understand that it’s his action that has disturbed you, not him. For example, if he tells a lie and he is caught, discipline him by saying, “Lying is unacceptable. I need a promise from you that you will never lie again."

Provide opportunities to your child where he develops independent thinking. During the process, he will make good and bad decisions. That also adds to learning. But by laying the foundation early, he will be in a better position to handle challenges.




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