Your Child Is Ready To Read Story Books Of Different Genres

Your Child Is Ready To Read Story Books Of Different Genres

Your little one has entered school and has adapted to a new lifestyle. He has grown up from that age when you were his teacher in making him read and write. Now he can perform these activities on his own, one of which is reading books of different genres.

What you need to know

As the kid advances into the academic world, make sure you polish his abilities at home. The age group 4-5 is the time when you should make him read story books belonging to different genres. This would help him in enhancing his knowledge about the language and also would improve his understanding of different situations, characters and cultures.

Make It A Routine

Sit with the child every night after dinner and make him read a book. It doesn’t matter if he makes mistakes, correct him at every step when he fails to pronounce or understand any word. Teach the kid about punctuation and how to use it while reading. Encourage the child at every step so that he remains high on confidence during this process. Maintain a wide range of books such as fantasy, sci-fi, moral values, humour etc.




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