Your Child is Ready To Rediscover Himself

Now your child is 6-7 years old and you must be wishing that he develops fully both emotionally and physically. You will see that now no longer will your child will toddle around, rather you will notice him develop a smoother gait. Your child will now develop the ability to jump, hop and run as well.

What you can do
Encourage your child to participate in events which involve physical skills. This will not only help him in overall development but lets him explore his strength areas too.Your Child is Ready To Rediscover Himself

Moreover you will see him having more control over using pencils, crayons, feeding himself, doing yoga and exercises, cycling, playing new games, and taking more interest in outdoor activities, etc. So help him towards the same as you are the best person to help him in his overall development emotionally, mentally and physically. This is the age for gross motor development, so support your child during this phase.

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