Your Child Is Ready to Shampoo Those Lustrous Locks By Herself

Your kid’s bath time at this point is always a loved ritual. This is when you cherish your little one’s innocence and have fun time with them. But as they grow older, kids might need more independence. By 4 or 5 years of age, most kids want to try shampooing on their own. They are fascinated by the lather, the fun and the scent. And of course, you should let them. This will help them develop physically, as they use larger muscles, coordinate their movements and learn something new.

What you need to know
For healthy hair, you should teach the child how to shampoo by using some shampoo on yourself -- like a demonstration. Start by telling them how to wet hair and scalp with warm or cold water (depending on the weather). Now, teach them how to pour a quarter size drop of the shampoo on their palm (preferably pour the amount on your own to avoid wastage). You can teach them to pour shampoo on the palm rather than the head as it prevents overuse and side-effects.Your Child Is Ready to Shampoo Those Lustrous Locks By Herself

Then, use motions to describe how the shampoo should be massaged on the head. Teach them how to rinse it well. Once that’s done, help them learn how to cover their hair with a towel and use a wide-tooth comb for gentle combing.




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