Your Child Is Ready To Understand The Value Of Generosity And Compassion

Your Child Is Ready To Understand The Value Of Generosity And Compassion
Verbal language

Your child by now understands the world better and with repeated assistance and guidance from you, knows why it is important to be kind and understanding towards others. There is no act bigger than the act of giving. and at this stage, your child is ready to be generous and giving.

What you need to know 
But teaching kids to be generous is neither easy nor quick. In our ‘me, me, me’ culture, raising generous kids is very difficult. These character traits are not learnt overnight and parents would have to make sustained efforts to make their kids generous and compassionate.
Generosity is a trait that is one of the most-wanted lists for kids as far as parents are concerned. Training your kids to give cheerfully can be achieved by making generosity a lifestyle rather than a one-time act. Your little gestures everyday will lead your child to understand the importance of generosity.

What you can do 
Even getting your children involved in sorting their old clothes and toys and then giving them away will put a positive impression in their mind. While doing so you can tell them stories about how this act is going to make a difference in the lives of some other people. Making them feel that even unknown people deserve their generosity is a concept that they can be made to understand only by making them act on it.
Tell them subtly how lucky they are to have privileges and there are others who are not so lucky. So it is their responsibility to help them out.

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