Your Child Is Self Centred At This Stage- Learning Kindness Is Essential

At this stage, although older, your child is still unable to focus on the bigger picture. They are naturally self-centred and fail to realise the effect of their behaviour on others. They are unable to understand that their meanness, bullying or disregarding others’ feelings can be hurtful to others. 

These days, judging by the way the world is going, there is a lot of need for kindness in people’s hearts. Our children are the future of the world and as parents we must try to make them learn the importance of kindness to make the world a better place.

What you need to know

If your child is unwilling to share things and toys with others, it does not mean that your child is naturally selfish. In fact children have a natural instinct to help others but they are still unsure how to act on it. They are still unable to put themselves in the other person’s shoes so are not able to understand their feelings.

What you can do
You should take advantage of your child’s natural instinct to help others and encourage children to think about the other person’s feelings before making any action. Encourage your child to always have kind words and smile for others. To make children empathise with others and be kind, make them sit down and think how they would feel in the other person’s situation.

Your Child Is Self Centred At This Stage- Learning Kindness Is Essential




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