Your Child is Slowly Able To Learn Through Intense Concentration

By now your child's cognitive development is happening rapidly and hence, he is able to concentrate better than before, which is a perfect part of the learning process. Learning by itself cannot happen without concentration. Whether we are learning to tie our shoes, write our name, wash a car or solve complex algebraic equations, there is intense concentration specific to the task at hand. You need to understand the power of concentration, and the methodology designed to nurture this power. Your Child is Slowly Able To Learn Through Intense Concentration

What you need to know

Concentration in little ones is a fragile thing. Well-meaning adults often rush in to “fix” things. A child suddenly demands that new toys be offered, a frown means a change of scenery is required. Concentration is broken by the adult trying to shift the focus of the child.

What you need to do

Our modern culture contains a multitude of distractions, video games, computers, television, and any number of sports or arts related extra activities. Combined, these can create an overabundance of sensory stimulation. Maintaining a calm, controlled, prepared Montessori environment and a clear approach to reducing distractions and sensory overload is an important task of the caregiver. This approach is designed to foster the power of concentration in children, so that they may grow to become happy, independent, and fulfilled adults.




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