Your Child Is Still Likely To Face Problems Acing Good Handwriting

By now your child would have mastered printing letters and words, but their handwriting is not neat and legible. In fact there are very few children at this age who have beautiful handwriting. We as parents want our child to be best in everything and handwriting is no exception. However absurd it may be, good handwriting is still a mark of a good student.

What you need to know
Children this age have a lot of energy and get easily distracted. They do not want to be bothered with spending hours trying to write neatly. They would rather finish the work fast and go to play. In addition to that, they still do not have complete control over their fine motor skills. The correct grip of the pencil is also important for neat handwriting. Make sure that your child is gripping the pencil correctly before it becomes a bad habit that is difficult to correct.

What you can do

Your Child Is Still Likely To Face Problems Acing Good Handwriting

To improve handwriting, all it needs is practice. Get hold of some school style exercise books where your child can practice by tracing patterns, letters etc. Focus more on the formation of words. With practice the wavy words will become more firm and straight. Check the size and weight of the pencil depending on the palm size of your child. Get some easy grip pencils and give your child regular practice. It is also important not to feel frustrated because handwriting improvement takes time and dedication.

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