Your Child is Very Sensitive To Your Stress At This Point

Since by now your child's cognitive development is happening rapidly, he is more prone to the negatives of this as well, one of which is being quite sensitive towards your stress. Conflict is part of every human relationship. If you live with children, those conflicts will sometimes come up in front of the kids. Your Child is Very Sensitive To Your Stress At This Point

What you need to know

You may think that there’s no harm in children seeing you fight, as long as the kids also see you make up afterwards. Not surprisingly, however, it turns out that when children hear yelling, their stress hormones shoot up. In fact, even a sleeping infant registers loud, angry voices and experiences a rush of stress chemicals that takes some time to diminish.

So any child can tell you that it’s frightening when adults yell at each other. After all, you are the child’s source of security. When you seem out of control, the world becomes a scary place. This mobilization response can make it difficult for kids to fall asleep, because the stress hormones can stay in the child’s body for hours. Since kids can’t turn to the arguing adults for comfort, they suppress their fear, and it pops out in anxiety, defiance or misbehavior.

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