Your Child Likely To Get Intrigued About His Sexuality

Your Child Likely To Get Intrigued About His Sexuality

At this age, your kiddo will have a lot of questions and will have unlimted curiosity to things around him. Your child may be having thousands of questions in his mind that will be ventilated from time to time. It is important to address questions and come up with an answer that will put an end to all your kiddo's queries.

What you need to know: 

At this point, sexuality is something that may intrigue your child a lot. Answer him with patience and clarity. Don't be surprised or embarrassed if your child pops up a question regarding sexuality. How a child is born, how girls and boys are different, why I stand and pee while my sister sits. Give a good listening ear to your child and welcome his thought without any embarrassment. This will ensure that he opens up again and again.  Never reprimand your child terming those as bad thoughts or bad words. Never make fun of your child or embarrass him over such questions. Respect his though and ensure that you always lend a helping hand for him. Make your child aware of his body in a positive manner so that he understands it as a natural process. Answer all your child's query with patience and clarity. Never give ambiguous answers to your child.  

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