Your Child Loves Bedtime Stories And They Perk Development Too

Your child at this stage is intrigued by fairy tales, mysteries, ghost stories and all kinds of ideas that tickle their imagination. Bedtime stories are not only a great tool for parent-child bonding but will also go a long way in developing your child’s brain.

What you need to know 

We, as adults, do not give much importance to bedtime stories but this effortless exercise is very important for your little one’s brain development. These stories are important for your child’s language development. Over a period of time, through these stories, your child will collect a vast database of words which would otherwise have been difficult to build up. Children also get encouraged to read on their own as it would make them independent. This is a big motivation factor to speed up the reading skills.

You will often notice that your child wants you to keep repeating the same story. Although you might find it tiresome, it is actually helping your child in building logical and sequential thinking. They love the fact that they know the next sentence. It builds their self-confidence as well.Your Child Loves Bedtime Stories And They Perk Development Too

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