Your Child Loves Video Games Now- But How Good Is It?

Your Child Loves Video Games Now- But How Good Is It?

Your child may often be glued to his video games at this stage, loving the various games. But is it healthy? There is no harm in doing things in moderation. For young children, experimenting and trying out new things is very important and that goes for video games as well. We have read and heard so many times that video games are harmful for children. This is true when the child is glued to it for hours. However, as parents we should not undermine the benefits of regulated usage of video games. 

What you need to know 
Research has shown that when done in moderation, video games can actually help in children’s learning process. If your child is playing the right kind of video games then they are actually strengthening many cognitive skills like reasoning, memory, spatial navigation and perception. This is in addition to improving the concentration levels, focus, and ability to be engaged in one task for a long time. Motor skills of your little one’s fingers and hands also improve. These games improve the creativity and problem solving skills of your child as well. Many a time children use the plots of the video games in their role play sessions and thereby enhance their creativity. The key to all these benefits is choosing the right, age-appropriate game for your child.

It is a challenge to keep your 5 year old child occupied in an activity for even a little while, so you rarely get some free time for yourself. If you can schedule in a half hour of video game once in a while, you can get the me-time you so need while your child also develops cognitively.

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