Your Child May Already Be A Kinesthetic Learner

At this stage, your child has already shaped up a specific learning style, which he implements in all his academic and non-academic learning endeavours. Understanding your child’s learning style will help you guide him better in his studies.

What you need to know: A kinesthetic learner
If your child prefers to be active while studying, reads aloud and tracks words on a page with a finger, writes down many times to memorize , highlights, underlines, takes frequent breaks and does hands on activities, he is a kinesthetic learner. He learns and remembers best when he experiences doing the work.

Your child will enjoy conducting experiments. He will prefer reading stories that are full of action. While reading or studying, he will prefer standing or walking .He will enjoy drawing and writing with chalk. He will be skillful in using various tools. Playing games is his favourite activity. However, sitting for a long time, large writing and reading projects, listening for a long time are disliked by the kinesthetic learner.Your Child May Already Be A Kinesthetic Learner

What you can do 
As a parent, once you know this is his learning style, let him physically participate in tasks. Use role-playing and acting to introduce concepts. On many occasions, change his writing tools so that a different feel or grip is obtained. Give him a lot of paper on which he can write or draw. If he wants to take a break, allow him to do so. While walking, bouncing a ball etc. let him learn spelling words. With the use of computer keyboard, your child can practice writing, spelling words and develop stories. You can involve him in building projects and models to show understanding of science concepts.

By providing the above learning opportunities, your child remembers what they do well.

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