Your Child May Already Reflect Dining Dramas At This Stage

Your kid at this stage can be a funny eater and preschoolers in particular are famous for their mealtime quirks. They may love potatoes a day and then begin to hate it the next day. This can be quite troublesome for a lot of parents, especially the drama, whining and crying that might come along with it. So, how do you solve dining dramas of preschoolers? 

Some toddlers are obsessed with pasta, others like eating cereal out of the box. Then there are those who puke at the sight of milk or won’t have anything other than a chapatti for dinner!

What you need to know

If your champ has either a ravenous or non-existent appetite, or if it oscillates between the two, then understand that it’s normal. They don’t have an adult’s schedule and they might not eat much. So, forcing them shouldn’t be the case.

Your Child May Already Reflect Dining Dramas At This Stage

But if your child always insists on eating the same thing for dinner, then you should offer them something else as well. To promote the habit of eating diverse foods, you can prompt them to eat a little bit of the food they haven’t eaten before and offer them a bit of food that they like.

If your children are afraid of trying new food, then you should be a role-model and teach them how to try it. But don’t hold dessert as a hostage for eating veggies. Instead, include your child in conversation and let them eat on their own.

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