Your Child May Be Sensitive To Praises And Punishment

At this stage, your angel has actually mastered some of the toughest human development arenas like walking speaking, language, running, jumping before she even set her foot in school. These developments have taken place without much interference, without any praise or punishment. Praise and punishment can at best result in compelled imitation or parrot imitation for your child. 

What you need to know

Your Child May Be Sensitive To Praises And Punishment

At this point, you should know that you can encourage her real speech and creative writing without much of interference. Praise is considered as an important factor to develop a child’s self-perception. It is important to remember that lack of praise for your child will make her progressively less worthy and more difficult to face failure. At the same time fear of punishment and failure might not allow her to experiment new opportunities. Instead of praise and punishment approval and acceptance is a good way to make her more responsible and understand her own capabilities. Listen to her vivacious imagination, allow her to explore opportunities and approve her choices that increases her confidence level.

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