Your Child May Conduct A Battle Against Veggies- Diet Troubles!

Your Child May Conduct A Battle Against Veggies- Diet Troubles!
Eating Habit

At this age, your child needs minimum 1 serving of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables. When your child refuses to have her daily dose of vegetables, it can be tempting to get mad or force her to clean herplate. This will lead to an emotional drama. She is likely to get angry and fuss a lot when it comes to food.

What you can do
If your child likes pizza, make a bowl ready of vegetables. Let all family members go wild at making their own pizza. Another way to get her to try more vegetables is to offer one new vegetable plus a familiar one. If you have offered her spinach and she refuses to have, don't give up. She may try a new food several times before finally liking it.

If your child has a friend who is an adventurous eater, invite her for dinner and serve up some new veggies. Peer pressure may want her to try a new food by seeing her friend having the same first.
Another technique can be to roast vegetables thereby making them soft on inside and crispy on the outside-like french fries. Serving veggies with a healthy dip will make raw vegetables more appealing to children. Offer baby carrots, cucumber, with a bowl of tasty dip like low fat yoghurt.

Above all, set a good example. Seeing you having fruits and vegetables, your child will want to try new foods.