Your Child May Face A Problem In Attention Span

At this stage, one of the biggest challenges you might face while dealing with a 5 year child is his attention span. You might find it extremely difficult to make him finish a particular task, time and again. Well, this is a common issue with most kids around this age. But, for the greater good, it is extremely important to engage them in their work and help them finish their chores. If tackled well now, it becomes a habit that stays all through his life.

What you need to know

Now, understandably this isn't easy. With parents busy all through the day, sitting around with the child for long hours can be quite painstaking. There is a simple method that you can incorporate in your daily life, which will help your child stay engaged with his work and also finish it. Teach your kid the art of 'not rushing. Easier said than done, but a little practice, and you can nail it perfectly.

The child, right from the morning sees you all rushing for everything. Right from brushing to breakfast, a goodbye peck is also rushed. A 5 year old doesn't understand the urgency, rather observes and adopts it as the norm. So first, stop rushing for everything around you. This is probably the first step that you might take to resolve this issue. Set an example in front of him that whatever little work you’re doing, you must engage yourself firmly. There is no short-cut, and once started, every work however mundane it is, must be finished with respect and dignity. Once your child understands this basic fact, he will never rush and finish his work perfectly and in time.Your Child May Face A Problem In Attention Span

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