Your Child May Face Difficulty Fitting In

Your Child May Face Difficulty Fitting In
Emotional Development

Your child is going through a stage when fitting in and being accepted in a group are very important. They are at an emotional cross-roads when although they are feeling varied emotions they are yet not equipped to handle them.

What you need to know
Their desire to be independent and assert themselves is causing a lot of emotional distress in your child. As a result you must be witnessing more tantrums and meltdown sessions that what were happening earlier.
Your child at this time needs emotional stability and sports can help in building that for your child. Sports promote emotional well-being and develop well-rounded individuals. Children who start to play a sport early in their life grow up to be adults with higher self-esteem and self-confidence. They are also more likely to have a positive body image in their teen years.
Playing a team sport helps children develop a sense of fairness and cooperation. They see themselves as a valued part of the team and that helps their self-esteem. For a single child, participating in sports will give them the companionship that they lack at home and the feeling of loneliness can be reduced.
Sports give your child an environment to experience a whole range of emotions which they otherwise were never able to experience. Over time they will learn to cope with and handle these emotions.