Your Child May Face Emotional Surges Too Often

Your Child May Face Emotional Surges Too Often
Sensory ability

At this stage, it is a very normal phenomenon to see your little one making obstinate faces, and displaying difficult temperaments. Some kids are so adamant that if somebody is not listening to them they start acting up, mimicking them and fooling around with other things. This is just a phase of emotional surge where your child's brain is trying to process too many emotions at one go.

What you need to know

Kids need to be disciplined at the right time otherwise they will develop the same tendencies during their lifetime. Parents should be very honest with their kids. They should speak to them firmly to improve their behavior. Whenever your kid is in a receptive mood you should sit with them and have a word with them related to the issue. If your kid still does not listen to you then you should also adopt a sterner attitude.

Being a little strict with kids is sometimes the need of the hour.