Your Child May Face Some Common Communication Problems Now

Your Child May Face Some Common Communication Problems Now
Verbal language

At this stage, your child is likely to have an active social life with their own circle of friends in school and at home. Most children this age have an active imagination and are able to string complex sentences together to convey their thoughts. However, your kiddo may still face some common communication problems.

What you need to know
It is important to give them a lot of opportunities to practice their communication skills both at home and outside. Talking to your child regularly is essential for bonding, sharing ideas, opinions and giving an overall boost to your child’s imagination skills. Most children this age have a vast vocabulary and are able to use them in communication. They are also able to clearly string their thoughts in words. However some children this age show some delay in language development and as parents it is our responsibility to ensure that we are aware of these developmental flaws to be able to handle them better.

Communication difficulties
Some children this age have some specific communication difficulties like stuttering, lisp etc. This is generally noticed by both parents and the educators at school. It is advised to refer to a speech and language therapist to diagnose the problem if it is very acute. The therapist will undertake some tests to identify the main cause of the problem and will suggest a further course of action accordingly. As parents it is best to not neglect such issues thinking that they are just baby talk. Get your child tested once and then follow the advice. This way you can be sure that you are moving in the right direction.