Your Child May Have Dawdling Habits Now

Your Child May Have Dawdling Habits Now
Self Regulation

As your child starts his first grade, he needs to be healthy and active to pursue the activities ahead during the day. For this you need to ensure he sleeps and gets up on time, leaves for school on time, finishes his homework, play, dinner etc as per the schedule.

What you need to know
However, your child may be inclined to dawdle or put off things that are a priority and keep doing an activity in spite of being reminded to stop. For instance, your child wants to continue playing with his toys rather than going to bed. In spite of umpteen reminders to stop playing, he continues to play. This can frustrate you and make you lose your cool. Explain clearly to your child about the consequences if he does not stick to a schedule. If he does not sleep on time, he may miss his favourite story with you at bedtime.

He can get late for school next day. Look at the dawdling problem as a work in progress. There is no immediate solution. By being supportive, patient and understanding as your child gets older, he will grow out of dawdling.

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