Your Child May Have Difficulty To Start With Less Specified Activities

Your child is getting independent and wants to try out new things. While pursuing something new, he will seek your inputs and assurances till he achieves the result. If not specified, it may make him uncomfortable and he may lose interest and not initiate or leave the task half way. 

What you need to know

Work on small challenges first wherein he tastes success. As he builds inner strength and confidence, move on to challenges where he does most of the work. You can be the facilitator while he becomes a problem solver. 

Your Child May Have Difficulty To Start With Less Specified Activities

When your child tries activities where he has to do most of the thinking, the fear of making mistakes or criticism blocks his progress. He starts self-doubting. Teach him, “Mistakes are okay and they teach you how to do better next time. Don’t fear them.” Make him feel competent enough to execute the task. 

While specifying the activities to your child, try keeping the language simple and age appropriate.

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