Your Child May Have Obsession With Certain Foods Now

Your Child May Have Obsession With Certain Foods Now
Eating Habit
Sensory ability

Yeah, at one point your child would make a face at a morsel of food and now he can be utterly obsessed over some food items! Obsession with food is one of the growing concerns for most parents this age. You can see so many children these days who are overweight and dangerously tipping the scale to obese.

What you need to know
Of course chubby children look cute but you must remember that eating habits formed in childhood continue into adult life as well. Excess weight can lead to much health issues in later years.
If your child is one of those 7 year olds who consume huge portions even when not hungry, you had better not ignore it. Many a time there is a psychological aspect associated with this behaviour.

The child is not eating because of hunger but because there is a need to ‘tune out’. This is compulsive eating behaviour of the child and you will have to find out the reason behind it to help the child overcome it.
Children who feel stressed out due to problems at home or school can develop an obsession with food to cope with their feelings. If your child has suddenly got fixated with food, find out if there has been a change in your child’s life that could have led to depression, stress, anxiety or fear. Some children also eat just because they are bored.
It is better to handle the eating problem at the nascent stage before it becomes an image issue for the child leading to lack of self-confidence.

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