Your Child May Need A Different Approach From you For His Growing Independence

Your child is growing into a real, forceful independent little person. He is becoming more assertive and has his choices. For instance, he may not wear the outfit you have picked for him. He will select his own clothes.

What you need to know
This kind of rejection can be hard on the parent. On the other hand, this is also an indication that your child is growing and as a parent you have to help him learn what he is capable of doing at this age. Help him build his self esteem and own personality. You are now needed in a different way by your child and should do all to help him grow independent. Be there for him whenever he shares his happiness, is sad or angry about something. Provide the necessary support and guidance. The nurturing touch by giving a hug or a kiss to your child reinforces in him that you are sensitive to his feelings.

Problem solving
Discipline at this age is more about problem solving. Listen to his concerns, be fair and firm and work together for a solution. For example, if your child is upset about getting a sad face in his Motivational Chart in the school given by the teacher, find why it happened. To get more clarity, you can speak to his teacher. If the reason was him being talkative in the class in spite of repeated reminders from the teacher to not do so, make him realize his behaviour was not right and henceforth he has to maintain discipline in the class. Also make him understand why the teacher did so. It’s hard to follow the rules if the child does not understand the reason behind them. Above all, strive for a balance in your personal and family life. When he is in school, do tasks besides parenting. Pursue a hobby, listen to music, go for a walk.

Your Child May Need A Different Approach From you For His Growing Independence

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