Your Child May Need Your Help In Problem Solving At This Stage- Find Out Why

When your child reaches this age, their world changes and so do their abilities. They are now better at problem solving. For instance, they may scream and shout to get candies, their own way of solving a problem. But otherwise, there are some strategies you can use to help your child solve problems. 

You can’t always serve everything to your child on a platter. So, if they are unable to keep a cutout and a sheet of paper together, you can’t give them the glue. Instead, you will have to help them figure it out.

What you need to know
You can encourage the child to describe the problem- ‘I can’t reach a book on the shelf.’ Then, you allow them to come up with their own solutions- ‘Maybe, I can use the safety ladder,’ or ‘I can ask mommy to fetch it for me.’ Once you know their solutions, talk to them about what’s right and what’s not working. For instance, a ladder isn’t a good option because they will still not reach the book’s height so asking mommy would be better.

Your Child May Need Your Help In Problem Solving At This Stage- Find Out Why




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