Your Child May Now Be Too Fond Of Sugar- What's The Harm?

Your Child May Now Be Too Fond Of Sugar- What's The Harm?

Your child has now grown old enough to choose his own food. His taste buds have been enhanced and he can now differentiate between different flavours. He is likely to be way too fond of sugar, and there comes the alarm! Excess sugar is not good for his health. It is not good for adults either.

What you need to know 
You as a mother must make sure your kid consumes food items that are healthy for him. Children at this age are very much attracted towards sweets and candies. This is a serious problem as too much sugar might lead to obesity and tooth decay. Make the child develop a habit of not eating excessive sugar items.
You as a parent must keep a strict supervision. Allow the child to eat sugary items once or twice in a day. This habit has to be built from an initial age. By the time the kid reaches the age of 5 he should himself understand the harmful effects of candies and other sweet products. Help the kid develop the love for fruits. Fruits can act as a healthy alternative for artificial sugar items. Apple, mango, banana, etc can serve as a perfect choice.




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