Your Child May Now Have A Collecting Hobby!

Your Child May Now Have A Collecting Hobby!

At this age, there are few interesting hobbies that you can introduce to your kid. Does your child hold fondness for any particular item? You can develop a habit for collecting things which would help the kid in his future life. 

What you need to know:

At this point, your kiddo will be facinated about various items around him. Observe him carefully to help him recogmise his hobby better. Ask your child what interests him the most - leaves, shells or flowers. Also, tell your child of different items that can be collected and kept for years. stamps, coins etc. are some common items that kids love to collect. Motivate him to do so. Make him collect these items and preserve them in a scrapbook. You can take your child to a garden or any new location, which would help him collect that desired item. This is a good habit which would motivate him to be affectionate towards his personal stuff. You can also showcase your child’s collection to family members and friends. However, never force this on your child. Allow him to cultivate on his own and if he shows disinterest, leave it there.

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