Your Child May Now Look For Opportunities To Gain New Skills & Experiences

Though your child prefers structured routines, he will be curious to seek and explore new opportunities too. He may want to do a new task independently but will need your assurance at times till he achieves the outcome. 

What you need to know

Make your child feel competent enough when he takes on a new project. For instance, he wants to make pasta on his own. Provide the ingredients and let him begin. Be there when he needs assistance. Allow time to experiment and provide constructive feedback. 

Your Child May Now Look For Opportunities To Gain New Skills & Experiences

Invest in books and other educational resources that will satisfy your child’s ‘need to know.’ For instance, if he wants to know about ‘Animals and their habitats,’ sites like National Geographic, Animal Planet and relevant books will be a great source of information. 




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