Your Child May Often Talk To Himself Now

So your pumpkin is 2-year-old now and at this stage you notice that he often talks to himself. His vocabulary is gaining new words at an alarming rate and the non stop chatter does not stop, even when he is alone!

What you need to know
Children in the age group of 2-3 often talk to themselves while playing on their own.
This is perfectly normal and there is absolutely no need to loose sleep if you find your toddler talking to himself. ‘Private talk’ is positive a sign of developing cognitive skills. So if your child talks to himself while doing tasks like picking up blocks or stacking up things, it improves his concentration and motor skills.

Your Child May Often Talk To Himself Now

‘Private talk’ is a window into the minds of children. Listening to your child while he talks to himself will give you an insight into the wonderful thoughts running in her mind. Encourage your child to talk to himself, and let him create fantastic imaginations.

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